I was leaving my quiet, sleepy village on the edge of the foothills on a cold day (-17 C),  one late afternoon in November. Just as I was approaching the (only) four way stop in town, I could see a person riding a horse in the distance. I sat at that stop sign in my truck while the snow blew down, covering the pavement, and I watched the horse and rider move up towards the intersection towards me. It felt like time had truly stopped. I couldn’t handle it! Instead of turning right I went straight and slowly pulled up beside him. As I got closer I saw his leather tack, coat and cowboy boots. He also had a leather hat and a red bandana covering his mouth. The most alarming item on him (aside from the large knife on his hip) was the bedroll and small pack on the back of his horse. I opened up my window and said, “Sorry but what are you doing here and where are you going?” His reply in a strong Aussie accent, “Hey Mate, I’m traveling across your country on an unbreakable horse.” About 30 minutes later he came over and we talked about our adventures into the night. Joe Guy is still a great friend whom I’ve followed and I hope to continue telling his story for years to come.