One day after my crew and I arrived in Haiti the election results were announced. Sudden chaos, riots and fear broke out. I didn’t know all of the reasons behind this reaction, but I could see that the people were frustrated with their government. Over the course of the next few days it became obvious that our “two day location scout” was going to turn into a much longer, unintended stay.

When we left we were flown to the airport in an emergency helicopter by a former Vietnam Vet pilot, the roads were impassable. An old DC-3 landed while people were rioting and tire burning in the streets, just outside the gates from us. Days later, something the helicopter pilot said hit me. When I had asked why we were taking the long way to the airport (by sea rather then over the land and Port Au Prince), he replied that though he had safely crash landed two large helicopters from enemy gun fire in Vietnam he wasn’t confident about a safe landing if we were shot down from a gun in Haiti.