We slowly pushed the small boat along the stream hoping to see them. There were so many salmon that they were swimming into my legs. No one spoke, all we could hear was the sound of the current and tide moving and the slight wind in the redwoods. The edge of the river was filled with vegetation, and the sky with eagles. There was no sign of the grizzlies. Suddenly a bush moved, and another and a slight growl was heard. My blood was pumping and I could feel my heart pounding. There was a huge crash through the trees and then a giant grizzly appeared. My first thought was to run, swim or climb away. Just as soon as the thought came screaming into my mind, a second grizzly jumped next to the first and the two started to chase each other along the edge of the river. They came to a stop and both beasts pounced into the deep water, concentrating on the salmon. I’ll never forget the moment when I was focused on one male swimming along the water and only 15 feet away his eyes locked with mine. The emotion of that day lives in these photos.