At the end of a rainbow we’re told that we will find a ‘pot of gold’. I was lucky enough to find mine in El Salvador, on two separate occasions. Thanks to the support of Shelter Canada and Stepper Homes I was given the opportunity to capture the stories and lives of the incredible people from this tiny Central American country.

When Shelter and Stepper came in to help build new homes,  I was given the opportunity to capture the transformation.

Before their old mud homes with leaky metal roofs were torn down, I spent time listening and capturing each families personal stories of strife and hardship. What I found was that their personal bonds, love of family and sense of community trumped the state of their living conditions. Without ignoring their hardships, I couldn’t help but focus my lens on the light that beamed from within each one of them. One constant was the love of children from parents, grand parents, uncles and aunts – giving them everything when they had nothing. I will never forget the day I came across a small rainbow coloured hammock slowly swinging back and forth.

That’s where I found my pot of gold, in the community and people of El Salvador who cherish their children.