An eagle stood on the edge of the rocks with waves crashing in the background, the sun set and seconds turned into minutes and the eagle stayed. I was able to get closer, surprised that it didn’t fly away. I found a spot to sit quietly to just watch. This moment wasn’t about taking a photo but about the experience. About twenty minutes later the eagle flew off into the sunset…literally.

Shortly after,  as I was descending from the rocks a women came up to me and asked me if I had just photographed an eagle in the rocks near the ocean. She had heard from someone that saw me near the bird. She was elated to hear my reply and began to tell me her story. Shortly before I had arrived, she had come to that exact place and performed a drum ritual for an eagle to come, this was as a symbol of the spirit of her ancestors who had passed on.

I have since sent her that photo and will never forget the connection I felt that day.